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In addition to the providing exceptional care for older adults, the Centre for Aging and Wellness strives to provide our patients with the latest news and medical breakthroughs related to geriatric medicine. Here you can find news articles and helpful videos on a variety of topics ranging from the latest treatment for Alzheimer’s to tips on how to handle dizziness and cataracts. While many conditions we face as we grow older can be unsettling, knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and possibly prevent many of the diseases treated at our practice is valuable no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Healthy Bones Recap: September 2

On Friday, September 2 attendees learned about Nutrition and Bone Health and which foods are essential in Calcium and Vitamin D.

See photos of the activities below.








Central Florida Healthy Bones EVENTS

Get educated – Stay strong!
Central Florida Healthy Bones is a National Osteoporosis Foundation-affiliated Education & Support Group presenting a series of educational programs about bone health. Come meet skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals, have your questions answered, and receive free health and wellness information.

Healthy Bones Recap: July 1

On Friday, July 1 attendees learned about spinal fractures and how to treat them surgically and back pain relief. They were able to see the instruments first hand.

Healthy Bones Recap: May 6

On Friday, May 6 attendees learned how DXA bone density scan works how it can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Bones Recap: April 1

On Friday, April 1, attendees learned about how to strengthen their bones, and why it’s important to overall health.There was a big emphasis on posture, and even a few activities that attendees learned how to do at home.

Vital Living Forum - Geriatric Fellowship Program

Host Bob Ray spotlights Florida Hospital's Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine program and looks into what it entails and the opportunities that exist for graduates of the program.

Managing a Medical Crisis

In this episode of the "Vital Living Forum", we will walk through the steps of managing a medical crisis from the time it occurs in the home to the emergency room and hospitalization.

Central Florida Healthy Bones Series

The National Osteoporosis Foundation Education & Support Group of Central Florida will be presenting a series of educational programs about Osteoporosis. Get educated – Stay strong! Call (407) 303-1700 to register for our upcoming, free osteoporosis seminar series. All talks are held at Crosby YMCA. All are welcome, and a light lunch will be served at each talk. Read more for dates, times and topics...

60 is the new 40!

Dr. Fleming was recently interviewed by Orange TV’s Katie Dagenais about life expectancies in the US and what this increased timeline means for our health and healthcare. Learn more and watch the interview here.