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Vital Living Forum - Geriatric Fellowship Program

Host Bob Ray spotlights Florida Hospital's Fellowship in Geriatric Medicine program and looks into what it entails and the opportunities that exist for graduates of the program.

Managing a Medical Crisis

In this episode of the "Vital Living Forum", we will walk through the steps of managing a medical crisis from the time it occurs in the home to the emergency room and hospitalization.

60 is the new 40!

Dr. Fleming was recently interviewed by Orange TV’s Katie Dagenais about life expectancies in the US and what this increased timeline means for our health and healthcare. Learn more and watch the interview here.

Why Talk to Your Doctor About De-Prescribing Medications?

Dr. Fleming and Active Lifestyles Magazine’s Katie Dagenais recently sat down to talk about the medications seniors are taking. But their conversation didn’t focus on the medications that seniors are missing from their regiment – they talked about how and why seniors should reduce the number of medications they may be taking. Learn more here.

Talking about Tinnitus

Dr. Fleming and Serena Fisher from Active Lifestyles Magazine recently sat down to talk about tinnitus. This “ringing in the ears” type noise is actually not a condition, but a symptom. Learn more about what can cause tinnitus and what to do if you or a loved one has tinnitus here!

Dr. Fleming Discusses Sundowing

Dr. John Fleming discusses Sundowning with Orange TV’s Serena Fisher. As a board-certified geriatrician and the Medical Director of both The Mayflower Retirement Community and the Gardens at DePugh Nursing Center, he offers his expert opinion on some of the potential causes of sundowning in people with a dementing illness. Learn more here!

Dr. Fleming Offers Insights on Your Immune System

Orange TV recently interviewed board-certified geriatrician Dr. John Fleming on again and its affects on the immune system. His chat with Active Lifestyles Magazine’s Serena Fisher covered how the immune system changes and what people over age 65 can do to avoid getting sick. Learn more and watch this interview here!

Dr. Cole Breaks Down Dementia

Dr. Ariel Cole recently spoke with Fox 35’s Ryan Elijah about memory loss and caring for loved ones with dementia. In the Healthy Living House Calls segment Dr. Cole addresses that while aging affects the brain, not all memory problems are a normal part of the aging process. Learn more here!

Resolving Vertigo

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is a debilitating but not serious condition in which tiny crystalline particles in the inner ear (sometimes referred to “ear rocks”) cause dizziness, nausea and loss of balance. Dr. Fleming explains how these symptoms can be alleviated by a simple physical therapy called the Epley maneuver.

Managing Osteoporosis

Do you have osteoporosis? Do you know someone who has it? Dr. Creamer is here to show us some simple exercises to help manage and possibly prevent further loss of bone density.