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Medication Checks

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Medication checks are a time when patients can discuss medication usage, levels and types with their physician. Here is a list of things to remember the next time you schedule a visit to check your medication.

  • Bring a list or a bag with all of your medicines when you go to see your doctor or to the hospital. Be sure to include all prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements that you take.
  • Ask questions about your medications. Find a doctor with whom you are comfortable discussing your health and medicines. Write down the answers to your questions.
  • Make sure that your medications are just what the doctor ordered. If something seems wrong or doesn’t appear to be correct with your medication, be sure to ask the pharmacist to double check.
  • Ask how to use the medicine correctly. Ask your doctor or the pharmacist to explain anything you do not understand regarding your medication.
  • Ask about side effects. Be sure to ask your doctor to communicate any and all possible side effects of medications you are prescribed. Call your doctor right away if you experience a serious side effect or if a side effect does not get better.